Writings by Patrice Chéreau

Dramaturgy Anne Louise Trividic

Staging Jean-Pierre Pancrazi

Lights Dominique Bruguière


If I have such a strong desire for reciting texts written by Patrice Chéreau, it is firstly because they emanate from a great writer, with such a huge literary beauty and because they’re little known from the general public.

They are also essential in the construction and the constancy of a man who is committed both artistically and politically. His work is the extension of his emotions and love life. Everything is linked.

Patrice Chéreau is a part of my life. He brought me seriousness, made me learn the effort of working, opened the doors of intelligence, and the secret worlds of the great creators to me. He made me age, told me about the harshness of an actor’s job, its roughness, its pains and its immense joys.

We have worked together on five plays and five movies. I’m one of the actors who has worked with him the most, if not the only one. I owe him that and much more.

I have known his turmoil, dismays, desperations, doubts and his tremendous come-backs to the surface. I’ve known his joys, his huge successes, his excesses.

I would like this reading to be both intimate and universal. From letters that he wrote to me (we wrote a lot of letters) to his texts on his stage direction, his theatrical and cinematic thoughts.
That is what I want to the audience to discover, all the while collaborating with :

  • Anne-Louise Trividic, who has been his beloved and respected scriptwriter (Son Frère, Gabrielle..) and who is going to work on the dramaturgy.
  • Dominique Bruguière, his former lighting engineer.
  • And Jean-Pierre Pancrazi who worked with Patrice on several of his creations and who is going to do the stage direction.

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