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You have the singer. He’s popular (crowds cheering him on with numerous “encore”), he’s an entertainer, wielding contagious songs ingrained in the collective unconscious (do we still really need to mention Vanina, Du côté de chez Swann, Est-ce par hasard or Mon cœur est malade?), a voice that can be immediately identified and whose longevity has become legendary. His favorite playing field is the stage, which he covers while implementing these four principles tightly fastened to his volcano-like body: emotion, madness, generosity and humor. Don’t expect — when he’s involved — for the show to just tick over quietly. Don’t expect him either to be stingy with his energy when he starts to sing!

Once again, Dave is out to embrace new unchartered territories, and, wow, he’s really on fire! As a dashing stage performer, he’s starting to get used to spending lots of time, once again, in recording studios — with their plush carpeting. Headed towards the mythical ICP in Brussels under Thierry Geoffroy’s leadership – film director and specialized in musical arrangements – and the renowned Phil Delire (Thiéfaine, Noir Désir, Bashung, Renaud) for an artful mixing of tracks. Flair, delicateness, conviction. No need for him to lower his voice. Dave sings Patrick Loiseau’s lyrics, just as he used to, in his early days. Their lovely complicity even manifests for the first time as a duo (Deux moitiés d’une même orange) (Two Halfs of the Same Orange). Lyrics with a mirror effect, lyrics celebrating the revelation of a visible alchemy (“Désir, attirance et osmose / Où est la raison dans tout ça / En tout cas tu m’accorderas / Que la vie a bien fait les choses”) — (“Desire, attraction and osmosis / Does any of that make any sense / In any case you’ll grant me / Life really did a good job here”). The purity of his voice enhances memories. Memories of his Mom’s ultimate departure in a version magnified here by a string set (Dernier regard) (Last Gaze). Memories of bygone friends, blown away by the illness of love (Sous quel arc en ciel) (Under what Rainbow). Memories of careless and blessed times on a melody by Gilbert Montagné (La nostalgie sera toujours ce qu’elle est) (Nostalgia will Always be What It Is). Thierry Geoffroy never settles for any kind of status quo and sets up a musical velvet case, both classy and daring (Inséparés, épique et accrocheur). There’s also a song about the bite marks left by the passage of time (Quittons-nous bon amants) (Let’s Split up and Stay Good Lovers), another one about the fatality of death (Plus libre que l’air) (Freer than the Wind), manifests for positive thinking (Pas à l’abri, Souviens-toi d’aimer) (Unsheltered, Don’t Forget to Keep Loving) and a track reminiscent by its theme of Sylvie Vartan’s Par amour par pitié (L’inventaire) (In the Name of Love and Mercy, the Inventory) This breakthrough, filled with a variety of diffuse emotions, is turning out to be a true conquest. Dave is incredibly talented. Taking us by surprise and seducing us in one swell swoop.

Patrice Demailly

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