Dominique Blanc




directed by Patrice Chéreau & Thierry Thieû Niang

During the last war, Marguerite Duras has experienced the waiting of her husband’s return from a concentration camp. She wrote a diary as a testimony of her own sufferings. Clear-headed, astonished, sometimes desperate, she described her feelings, fears, hopes, the people she met and her fights as a Resistant. Marguerite Duras gathered extracts of this diary under the name « The war : a Memoir ».

« The war : a Memoir » (La douleur) is the diary relating a punishing absence, a threatfull waiting, despair, the shame of being alive while waiting for the return of Robert Antelme, her husband sent to a concentration camp. By the time the war ended in 1945 she still did not know whether he was alive or not, and within her the war continued while people celebrated in the streets. Hanging around on the city, running from desk to desk, she would despertely hope for a sign until he comes back, stunned, emaciated, unrecognizable, almost dead…

With the help of Thierry Thieû Niang, Patrice Chéreau stages one of his favorite actresses, the striking Dominique Blanc. She performs one of the most disturbing texts in post-war literature: Marguerite Duras’s diary, in which she records her life after the liberation of Paris and awaiting the return of her husband, a prisoner in the camps. Dominique Blanc echoes, even in his silences, his sighs, the simplicity and intensity of Durassian writing.


23/05/2023 – THONON-LES-BAINS – Maison des Arts – tickets 
25/05/2023 – SOISSONS – Le Mail – tickets
26/05/2023 – CHARTRES – Théâtre de Chartres – tickets 
30-31/05/2023 – LA ROCHELLE – La Coursive – tickets 
02-03/06/2023 – NICE – Théâtre National de Nice – tickets
06 au 08/06/2023 – GRENOBLE – MC2 – tickets
13/06/2023 – ANGERS – Festival d’Anjou
16/06/2023 – PERUGIA (IT) – Teatro del Umbria, Perugia Festival
26 & 27/06/2023 – TOULOUSE – Le Marathon des Mots


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