“Voodoo Cello” – 8 cellos & 1 voice


A concert show designed by Imany
Musical arrangements Imany
Choreography Thierry Thieû Niang
Light design François Menou
Costumes Olivier Rousteing for Maison Balmain
Photo of the poster Eugenio Recuenco

The spellbinding, loving mariage between the deep tone of Imany’s voice and eight cellos.

With Voodoo Cello, Imany, as the singer that she is, casts a spell on 8 cellos, transforming prominent hits in the history of pop music (from Radiohead to Cat Stevens including Madonna, Bonnie Tyler, Hozier, t.A.t.u., Ed Sheran, Imagine Dragons…).

Quite naturally, she taps into the combined magic of strings and of her voice to bewitch her audience and to raise people’s awareness to the power of women’s unique energy.

For the past ten years, Imany’s deep voice has turned on French audiences, to the beat of tunes tapping into soul, folk and blues repertoires. With the triumph of her two single hits Don’t Be So Shy and You Will Never Know, with her two albums, all the way to the original soundtrack of the film Sous les jupes des filles, Imany has been collecting success after success, all over the world. After taking a break, to rest from a series of long international tours, Imany is now coming back up on stage to blend the tone of her voice with the warm acoustic sounds of a cello orchestra: such a meeting is something you definitely won’t want to miss!


11/01/2023 – CHOLET – Théâtre Saint Louis – tickets 
14/01/2023 – MAISONS ALFORT – Théâtre Claude Debussy – tickets
17/01/2023 – COURBEVOIE – Espace Carpeaux – tickets
31/01/2023 – ARGENTAN – Le Quai des Arts – tickets
03/04/2023 – ATHENS (GR) – Palas
17/04/2023 – PARIS – L’Olympia – tickets 
25/04/2023 – MORGES (CH) – Théâtre de Beausobre – tickets
12/05/2023 – PROVINS – CC Saint Ayoul – tickets
13/05/2023 – CHARTRES – Théâtre de Chartres – tickets
23/05/2023 – SAINT ETIENNE DU ROUVRAY – Le Rive Gauche – tickets
25/05/2023 – PLOUGASTEL – L’Avel Vor – tickets 
30/05/2023 – ISSY LES MOULINEAUX – Palais des Arts et des Congrès d’Issy – tickets 


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