Poems by Alice Mendelson
Read and sung by Catherine Ringer
Accompanied on the piano by Grégoire Hetzel
Compositions by Grégoire Hetzel
Songs by Alice Mendelson / Mauro Gioia – Grégoire Hetzel
Stage direction Mauro Gioia


“Spring 2021. The small theater of La Huchette in Paris, after suffering greatly during the Covid lockdowns, had been organizing weekly events, every Monday, for personalities supporting the theater, giving them free rein or “carte blanche”. It turned out I was invited to perform there. I accepted, and thought that, rather than a recital of songs, I might just read the sensual poetry of a friend of my father’s, Alice Mendelson. Alice Mendelson, 97 years’ old today, is a long-time poet. Her poems, dating back to 1947 until today, express her passion for life, her love of men, of colors, of instants and of words…

I asked Mauro Gioia, a singer, actor and stage director, to be the eyes and ears for this wonder. We need music for this, he told me, it’s vital! Grégoire Hetzel, a pianist, film music composer, with whom Mauro had already worked on several creations, came on stage with me.

I sang some of the poems. It was totally successful! We decided to continue. A few gigs, left and right… In Capri this summer of 2022, in Italian, thanks to a translation by the poet Igor Esposito. Each time we performed, the audience was thrilled!”

Catherine Ringer

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Artiste Date Ville - Salle Réservation
Catherine Ringer - L’Érotisme de vivre Thursday 11 July 2024 CERNIER – Poésie en arrosoir TICKETS
Catherine Ringer - L’Érotisme de vivre Tuesday 12 November 2024 VILLEFRANCHE-SUR-SAÔNE – L’auditorium TICKETS
Catherine Ringer - L’Érotisme de vivre Friday 15 November 2024 PLAN-LES-OUATES SOON

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