Audrey Tautou




Avec Audrey Tautou et Gail Ann Dorsey

Based on the work of Charlotte Salomon and the novel Charlotte by David Foenkinos


Published in 2014, this book has sold over 1 million copies and been translated worldwide. A finalist for the Prix Goncourt, it won the Prix Renaudot and the Goncourt des Lycéens. For La Seine Musicale, David Foenkinos has rewritten the text for a musical reading. The story recounts the life of artist Charlotte Salomon, from her childhood in Berlin, through her exile in France, to her death at the age of 26, while pregnant. La Seine Musicale invites the public to discover the portrait of a great modern painter, who was also a courageous woman whose destiny was marred by tragedy. Audrey Tautou and Gail Ann Dorsey, text and music.

Jérémie Lippmann takes up the challenge of creating a show that is simultaneously literary, musical and pictorial. As the reading and music unfold, Charlotte Salomon’s colorful works are projected live on stage. The painter produced several thousand works during her exile in the south of France – the most prolific period of her life as an artist – which she entrusted to a friend, whispering the phrase ” C’est toute ma vie” (It’s my whole life). In all, over 1,300 gouaches, along with matching texts and songs, were saved. Her autobiographical work titled Leben? oder Theater? (“Life? or Theater? “) has also been included in this theatrical adaptation.

Thanks to the Charlotte Salomon Foundation


Olivier Gluzman


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