Isabelle Nanty



One Woman Show

Une of the most beautiful encounters of my life “A promise made (at least ten years ago) to Olivier Gluzman, such a fine and tenacious producer, and to one of the most beautiful encounters of my life: Vincent Dedienne, a secret and gentle being with an uncommonly creative spirit of profusion…
My admiration for her work with Juliette, their generosity towards me and their madness in saying: we are going to write and stage a show for you, and here I am on board, both confident and dizzy, like when, as a child, someone was “pushing” me on the swing.
But it is an exhilarating prospect to know that I will spend time, in the chiaroscuro of a theater, with Vincent, Juliette and Olivier, and devise together with them, for the audience, a tender moment, as a shield against the world’s restlessness.”

Isabelle Nanty


Olivier Gluzman

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