Olivier Py chante Miss Knife

Olivier Py sings the Miss Knife’s first farewells

It is because I am in harmony with myself since my childhood that I was able to disguise. When you lost many feathers in your fights, you have a solution: put these feathers on your buttocks! All this suffering to be a man, I wanted to make something. Without falling in the monkey house of the castration, I wanted to get rid of this production of male desire that created the desire. I was thus transformed into woman, into Miss Knife. It is a dream creature in every sense of the word. I love her because she represents all the lived of all the women’s faces which I met, admired, or imagined.

I brought up in a fashion shop, with my mother who sewed and cut tissues; she appreciated jewels a lot. Miss Knife inherited from it: she changes costumes, jewels cover her. It seems to me today that the actresses have difficulty in accepting their femininity. They are rather tomboys doubtless because men constitute most of stage directors. And that they do not know how to go towards the feminine desire: they format the girls as the boys. In any case, for me, it was an evidence that to invent and to embody this character of singer of cabaret. I had it in the depths of myself. I did not play Miss Knife, she was a member of me. She was in me. When I disguised, I did not make case of my sexual identity. We are not assigned to our sexual identity when we make the transvestite.

Olivier Py


Sophie Hossenlopp

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