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Unfollow the Rules is Rufus Wainwright’s 9th studio album and his first for BMG. This album is the conclusion of the story that began in 1998 with the exceptional Rufus Wainwright, a first album produced in Los Angeles that made him Rolling Stone’s ‘Best Newcomer’. With Unfollow the Rules, Rufus delivers on all his promises. It can also be seen as a summary and culmination of his previous albums. It’s his Graceland, his The Future and his Winterreise, albums and songs that have become classics, written in the middle of his career.

Unfollow the Rules combines the best elements of the previous albums, all of them critically acclaimed. It is the album of maturity that establishes Wainwright as one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time. Musical styles and tastes may change, but whatever the genre, the heart of each song betrays the talent of the composer himself, and there’s no denying that Rufus is one of the greats. Whether it’s rock, pop, blues or rap, it’s the song that counts, its essence. A great song remains a great song even when you strip it of its production, and that’s the case with Wainwright’s tracks. With Unfollow the Rules, he abandons the musical sphere full of angst, demons, drugs and the debauchery of his youth, the baroque splendour, and makes way for the adult voice considering the life of a father, a husband and an involved citizen of the world. Unfollow the Rules is not arid, it remains a Wainwright album teeming with musical ideas, but whose exuberance and richness are channelled and essential without overwhelming everything. It’s his most accessible album to date.

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