« Not long after we met at the Lumière Festival, Thierry Frémaux suggested me an idea which turned me on instantly. With my piano as my sole partner, the challenge would be to put together a concert dedicated to cinema, by delving into songs from emblematic original soundtracks. A kind of ping-pong dialogue then started between us, as we each mentioned our own favorite movie music, our own favorite theme songs:

« We really need to check out Almodóvar, you know!
– I couldn’t go without « La vie est un long fleuve tranquille » (Life is a Long Quiet River)!
– Philippe Sarde, we can’t afford to forget him!
– And why not a song by an actress? … » etc.

At the end of this exciting lunch, we had fantasized a full four-hour show. A bit too long, perhaps…

The challenge for me then became to tap into this ideal and infinite repertoire, in order to create a journey through the world of movies, by re-arranging for piano and voice the pieces of music had the greatest appeal for me.

I see this concert as an object in motion, an insight into musical pleasure, and above all else a wonderful opportunity to sing my love for films. »

Jeanne Cherhal


31/01/2022 – PARIS – Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin


Olivier Gluzman


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