Thanks to her first single hit “L’école est finie” (School is Over) released in 1962, Sheila became famous as a charismatic singer in the sixties.

She then went on with « Les rois mages » (“Three Wise Men”), « Les gondoles à Venise » (“Gondolas in Venice”) and “Spacer”.

With the Album “Sheila” in 1962, her first 45 rpm, she quickly became a successful artist thanks to “L’école est finie” (1962), then “Première surprise party” (1963) (First Surprise Party), then on to your first job with « L’heure de la sortie » (After Work) in 1966, and your first heartbreak (“Adios amor” in 1967) (Farewell my Love) …

The seventies started with a bang with the triumphant « Rois Mages » (“Three Wise Men”), in 1971. The days of friends and pigtails were over at that point, and disco music was taking over the dance floors. As early as 1975, Sheila took interest in this new style with a French version of “Doctor’s Orders” (« Les ordres du docteur ») but it was two years later that the real revolution occurred with a record entitled “Love me baby”, performed by a group mysteriously named S.B. Devotion.

This was obviously a pseudonym for Sheila herself, who revealed her true identity as soon as the title became a hit. Some other disco hits followed, including “Singin’ in the rain” and especially “Spacer” which earned her a place in the US charts.

Sheila’s career did not end in the sixties and seventies, far from it, which is why, after 62 years of a successful career, we are proud to announce a celebration of her 80th birthday with a singing tour in 2025.

TOUR 2025
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Olivier Gluzman


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