“MOTHER NATURE” new album available (Decca/Universal)

Angelique Kidjo
“Mother nature”

Over the last three decades, Angélique Kidjo has cemented her status as one of the most singular and extraordinary voices in international music, inspiring countless artists with her ingenuity, eclecticism, and seemingly boundless creative spirit. On her new album Mother Nature, the four-time Grammy Award-winning luminary joins forces with many of her musical progeny, including some of the most captivating young creators of West African music, Afrobeat, Afro-pop, dancehall, hip-hop, and alt-R&B. The result is a truly visionary body of work, rooted in a deep understanding of musical tradition yet endlessly forward-thinking and inventive.

Angélique Kidjo and Alexandre Tharaud
“Les mots d’amour”

Vincent Huguet stage direction

They’ve both shown over the years how much they enjoy new encounters. On stage, for the duration of a festival, of an invitation, or an encore — or throughout an entire tour, Angélique Kidjo and Alexandre Tharaud both have in common a desire to reach out to other artists, to expand into new horizons, and to show up in places where noone would have expected them. She — the ten-thousand volt diva — and he — the eternal Little Prince piano wizard— offered in the Basilica of Saint-Denis, in the fall of 2020, an unforgettable cover of Charles Aznavour’s « Emmenez-moi », an experience which gave them both the desire to go further. French songs are at the very heart of this meeting, with its infinite repertoire, its lyrics, its melodies which we love, irrationally, because they remind us of all sorts of people and places, its rhymes embedded into our own story, all these songs that we’ve always loved, or that we’ve just recently discovered, and which have now become part of us. And this is why, on stage, this encounter is far more than just a recital: indeed, through the songs that were chosen, a story is being told, a story which not only can be heard, but also seen. Angélique knows how to get thousands of people to dance wildly, whereas Alexandre is more familiar with philharmonics — events during which the audience is rarely seen to dance — but both of them love the stage, and enjoy new challenges and surprises. As they follow the lyrics of love, they tell us about everything that has brought them together; they tell a story as old as the world — and at the same time, totally unheard of!

Vincent Huguet


03/07/2021 – SAINTE-MAXIME – Le Carré
15/07/2021 – NICE – Nice Jazz Festival
16/07/2021 – PERUGIA (IT) Umbria Jazz Festival
18/07/2021 – SAINT-MORITZ (CH) Festival Da Jazz
27/07/2021 – CARCASSONNE Festival de Carcassonne
06/09/2021 – ISTANBUL (TUR) – Istanbul Jazz Festival

12/09/2021 – PARIS – Jazz à la Villette
27/11/2021 – ALBI – Un weekend avec elles
30/11/2021 – AMSTERDAM (NL) – Concertgebouw
06/12/2021 – VIENNE (AT) Wiener Konzerthaus
12/12/2021 – LA REUNION – Sakifo Festival
16/12/2021 – MONTREUX – Auditorium Stravinsky
18/12/2021 – DELEMONT – Théâtre du Jura
11/01/2022 – ANNEMASSE – Château Rouge
15/01/2022 – PERPIGNAN – Théâtre de l’Archipel
08/03/2022 – BRUXELLES – Ancienne Belgique
10/03/2022 – BOULOGNE – Carré Bellefeuille
11/03/2022 – CREIL – La Faïencerie
15/03/2022 – HAMBOURG (DE) – Elbphilharmonie
19/03/2022 – CHELLES – Théâtre de Chelles
22/03/2022 – SARCELLES – Théâtre André Malraux
24/03/2022 – LE VESINET – Théâtre du Vésinet
04/06/2022 – BORDEAUX – Théâtre Femina

10-11/07/2021 – MONTPELLIER – Opéra de Montpellier
23/09/2021 – QUIMPER – Théâtre de Cornouaille
24/09/2021 – VANNES – Théâtre Anne de Bretagne
14/01/2022 – CHAMBERY – Espace Malraux
25/03/2022 – METZ – L’Arsenal

21/07/2021 – LÔRRACH (DE) – Stimmen Festival
12/08/2021 – WURZBURG (DE) – International Africa Festival
19/11/2021 – BAERUM (NO) – Baerum Kulturhus
20/11/2021 – KRISTIANSAND (NO) – Kilden Performing Arts Center
25/11/2021 – EYSINES – Salle du Vigean
26/05/2022 – WURTZBURG – International Africa Festival

23/07/2021 – MALMESBURY (UK) – WOMAD Charlton Park

01/10/2021 – BRNO (CZE) – Moravian Festival
26/03/2022 – MULHOUSE – La Filature

03/10/2021 – BONNEUIL-SUR-MARNE – Salle Gérard Philippe

17/11/2021 – ROLLE (CH) – Rosey Concert Hall

16/03/2022 – VIENNE (AT) – Vienna MusikVeiren
17/03/2022 – SANKT POLTEN (AT) – St Polten Festspielhaus


Elodie Perot


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