Agnès Jaoui

New album “Nostalgias” AVAILABLE (Warner Classics)

« For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved “Passionarias” – passionate, fiery, influential women. Already as a small child, I would bellow alongside Pauline Julien interpreting Brecht;shoutwith Piaf that I too regretted nothing;babble gibberish to Esther Ofarimand sob with Mercedes Soza…
I might have grown up, but I didn’t grow out of it at all, on the contrary ; I got to know these women better, to know their story and understand their languages and their commitments, whether it was inlove or politics. I wanted to pay tribute to them with the official Quintet, to tell the tales of their battles as well as their countries’ histories through their songs. We continue to exploreFrench and South American repertoires, but have also included the Maghreb region and Israel to the adventure, through Fairuz and HavaAlberstein…


On tour February / March, 2017.


Alice Pourcher


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