New signature ! Single and EP to come in 2023

Bewitching guitarist and singer, Roxane from Geneva offers a universe as raw as celestial, drawn by an artist who handles power and vulnerability.

Her music is full of diverse influences – from Kate Bush to Nirvana, from Barbara to Amy Whinehouse – Author, composer and performer, Roxane started composing at a very young age; her stripped down and powerful songs are like the pages of a diary that she reveals with her dark and moving voice.

At 21, Roxane surprises us with a maturity far from her ingenuous appearance. Generous with her tracks full of flaws and personal evocations, she attracts a heterogeneous public, while cultivating an enigmatic, inaccessible character.

Live, one can taste even better the ornaments and the subtleties of her magic voice. In a sober and stripped stage performance, Roxane does not need any embellishment to make us navigate in her universe with mastery and humility.

Her first single “What I Mean”, released in November 2021, allowed her to be discovered by the Montreux Jazz Festival. In April 2022, she made a sensation at the Zermatt Unplugged Festival.
On November 11, 2022, she released a new single “Russian Blue”, a ballad that tells the birth of love.

In 2023, Roxane is selected for the edition #3 of the Women Metronum Academy (Toulouse) whose godmother is Aloïse Sauvage and will be mentored by Laura Cahen.

2023, will mark the release of new singles and an EP.


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Emma Dif


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