Nana Mouskouri


“As a Greek woman whose veins flow with the blood of an ancient, founding people, Nana Mouskouri has inherited a very natural sacredness. Her complex and varied voice possesses qualities of metal and crystal, the stone of temples, the bronze of statues, and, at their feet, clear, trickling spring water. In the space of a song, her lips revive buried civilizations, breathing life into the embers of timeless emotions and offering a sacred fire bringing us light and warmth. Her voice is operatic without being academic, melancholy but not dated. Nana Mouskouri sang, sings, and will sing simply because she touches our pure and profound humanity without artifice, trend, or fashion. Not just in touch with our times, she embraces time itself, whole, from yesteryear to tomorrow. Some imagine her as frivolous, but she is the contrary. In an endless quest for meaning and depth, she is partial to words pregnant with meaning, containing the truths of the world. The collection of sacred song she offers here is a long voyage. Let’s take a moment from our hectic lives and open our souls to these musical destinations. A song rises… it is the voice of the world.”

David Lelait-Helo


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Olivier Gluzman


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