New album “CHAUD” available (Tôt ou Tard)

At the evocation of Luce’s name, we recall the eccentric and exuberant young woman and her inspired performanceson “Nouvelle Star” in 2010. After her victory on the TV show contest,Luce worked on a first album “Première Phalange”, a patchwork of diverse collaborations: Philippe Katherine, Orelsan, MathieuBoogaerts…

Mathieu Boogaertsand Luce got along so wellthat the two decided to team up again, this time writing the attractive redhead’s entire second album. “I believe 100% in this girl…in her voice, her personality”, says the favorite singer-songwriter of French female singers such as Vanessa Paradis and Camellia Jordana…This project is bubbly, a little edgy, very well-written and arranged. And it’s only natural when you put Boogaerts’ touch and Luce’s spunky style together in the same space.

IMG_8897 © Paul Rousteau

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