Isabelle Adjani

Les Visiteurs du Soir present in agreement with TS3


by Isabelle Adjani

© drawing: Jacques Verzier

Text: Olivier Steiner
Conception: Olivier Steiner & Emmanuel Lagarrigue

A woman dressed in a magnificent black dress is already on stage as the audience enters; her back to the light. She is lying in the center of a Tower-of-Babel-like installation comprised of twenty-four spotlights. The house lights are off, sounds and music fill the theater, flashes of bright light create a sense of space as we hear her voice on the phone… who is she? Isabelle Adjani? Marilyn Monroe? Both? None? What is this? Theatre? A pagan ceremony, an incantation, a call in the form of a prose poem? This is the story of a flickering star.

Portrait Isabelle Adjani: © Jean-Daniel Lorieux


20/07/23 & 21/07/23 – LYON (FR) – Nuits de Fourvière – tickets 


Sophie Hossenlopp


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