Written and directed by Pierre Notte
Around Helena Noguerra’s songs

“It starts with a party to which she’s not been invited. Helena enters, she shows up, angry or upset and offended, she’s not on the lists, not invited. And it’s her whole life, too free, too beautiful, too young, too fond of her family, of a sister who overshadows her. And as a matter of fact, here, noone sees her, noone hears her, she’s alive among ghosts.
And yet she soon understands that she’s at the heart of the story, of this moment. She’s being buried, people are mourning for her on they’re gathering silently around a coffin … her coffin. She’s a ghost among the living.
She rebels, tells her story, remembers. Her killer, the town of Ostende, the rain in Belgium, the knife. There he is again, her killer, her executioner, and the others. Then she forgives and flies away, evaporates. Always free, uncatchable.

The text is built around songs by Helena Noguerra.
Thirty years of career, albums and concerts. Chosen songs, known or unknown, last pieces of music of the Album Naked, sing here with her three musicians and accomplices.
The narration focuses and develops around her, songs written by Helena which unveil parts of her life, of her statets, of her moments of happiness and disappointment, to paint the portrait of a free woman, a self-portrait. and we all know that a free woman, is often killed by a man in hell.

This form, part recital, part cabaret part musical theater, associates oratorio, monologues and songs which we listen to here differently, as in a dream staring us in the face, going though from one world to another, a meeting with her, Helena.”

Pierre Notte

World premiere on Friday April 24th, 2020 at Comédie de Caen-CDN de Normandie


14/10/2020 – CAEN – La Comédie de Caen – CDN Normandie
20/11/2020 – NIMES – Théâtre Christian Liger
21 et 22/11/2020 – ANTIBES – Anthéa-Antipolis Théâtre d’Antibes
25 au 28/11/2020 – PARIS – Théâtre de la Ville
05/01/2020 – VANNES – Théâtre Anne de Bretagne Scène conventionnée
09/01/2020 – LA CIOTAT – Théâtre de la Chaudronnerie


Sophie Hossenlopp

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