Benjamin Millepied


Romeo & Juliet Suite
A new creation from Benjamin Millepied
in La Seine Musicale from September 15 to 25, 2022

Coproduction L.A. Dance Project / STS Evènements – La Seine Musicale

Created for La Seine Musicale

Millepied’s choreography is full of life —
ballet steps and street steps and quirky out-of-nowhere steps all seeming part of the same dance vocabulary.
+ The Los Angeles Times

The dance scenes were not only dazzling to the eyes but also wrenchingly expressive: balletic moves alternated with naturalistic gestures of ardor or sorrow .
+ The New Yorker

Benjamin Millepied returns to France in 2022 with a new worldwide creation set to premiere at La Seine Musicale. Together with L.A. Dance Project, the choreographer revisits Prokofiev’s iconic ballet Romeo & Juliet.

ABOUT Romeo & Juliet Suite

With his new worldwide production, Benjamin Millepied offers a contemporary vision of Prokofiev’s masterpiece Romeo & Juliet.
The choreographer navigates between cinema, dance and theatre, reinterpreting Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers as young adults in an urban environment where social norms prevent them from living out their love story.

On stage and off, the plot unfolds using a unique projection system. Tableaux are broadcast in real time, from unexpected places inside the theatre and backstage.

The dancers, filmed live, pass from stage to screen.

I love the idea of using dance, live performance and cinematographic images to express a timeless story that really speaks to the audience. This production creates a comprehensive artistic experience while echoing current social issues, all with a cast that changes night by night.
+ Benjamin Millepied

Each performance features a different cast, highlighting diverse couples – male/female, male/male, female/female – making this version of
Romeo & Juliet a universal celebration of love.

Benjamin Millepied thus presents the mythical tale through a modern and original prism, further embellished by Prokofiev’s music.

This one-of-a-kind interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic allowed me to feel the most empathy I have ever felt for the characters of Romeo and Juliet. It was a complete rediscovery of a familiar tale, which transformed it from overdone, to timeless once again.
+ LA Dance Chronicle

Choreography | Benjamin Millepied
Lighting Design (Stage) | François-Pierre Couture
Costume Design | Camille Assaf
Music | Sergei Prokofiev: Valery Gergiev & London Symphony Orchestra

with the support of Van Cleef & Arpels


in Théâtre du Châtelet from October 13 to 16, 2022
world creation

Inspired by composer Andy Akiho’s recently released “Seven Pillars” Millepied presents an abstract piece showcasing the company’s excellent artists in a display of dancing that is both intimate and virtuosic.

“Be Here Now reminded me so much of why I love dance to begin with… I was within the dance, and the dance was within me. I felt synced, understood, and changed. I traveled outside of myself, and I traveled within myself, and that is what dance should be. That is what it means to dance. That is to Be Here Now.”
+ L.A. Dance Chronicle

Choreography | Benjamin Millepied
Music | Entr’acte par Caroline Shaw
Seven Pillars par Andy Akiho: Pillar I, Amethyst, Pillar II, III, V, VI, IV
performed by Sandbox Percussion
Set and costume design | Barbara Kruger
Lighting design | Michael Rathbun


Roméo & Juliette Suite
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08-09/03/2023 – MERIGNAC – Le Pin Galant – tickets
14/03/2023 – CHARTRES – Théâtre de Chartres – tickets
18-19/03/2023 – ROUEN – Opéra – tickets
23-24/03/2023 – MARTIGUES – Les Salins – tickets
30-31/03/2023 – MULHOUSE – La Filature – tickets
06-07/04/2023 – CHARLEROI (BE) – Les Ecuries – tickets 


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