Benjamin Millepied


Romeo & Juliet Suite
A new creation from
Benjamin Millepied

Coproduction L.A. Dance Project / STS Evènements – La Seine Musicale

Created for La Seine Musicale

Millepied’s choreography is full of life —
ballet steps and street steps and quirky out-of-nowhere steps all seeming part of the same dance vocabulary.
+ The Los Angeles Times

The dance scenes were not only dazzling to the eyes but also wrenchingly expressive: balletic moves alternated with naturalistic gestures of ardor or sorrow .

+ The New Yorker

Benjamin Millepied returns to France in 2022 with a new worldwide creation set to premiere at La Seine Musicale. Together with L.A. Dance Project, the choreographer revisits Prokofiev’s iconic ballet Romeo & Juliet.

ABOUT Romeo & Juliet Suite

With his new worldwide production, Benjamin Millepied offers a contemporary vision of Prokofiev’s masterpiece Romeo & Juliet.
The choreographer navigates between cinema, dance and theatre, reinterpreting Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers as young adults in an urban environment where social norms prevent them from living out their love story.

On stage and off, the plot unfolds using a unique projection system. Tableaux are broadcast in real time, from unexpected places inside the theatre and backstage.

The dancers, filmed live, pass from stage to screen.

I love the idea of using dance, live performance and cinematographic images to express a timeless story that really speaks to the audience. This production creates a comprehensive artistic experience while echoing current social issues, all with a cast that changes night by night.
+ Benjamin Millepied

Each performance features a different cast, highlighting diverse couples – male/female, male/male, female/female – making this version of
Romeo & Juliet a universal celebration of love.

Benjamin Millepied thus presents the mythical tale through a modern and original prism, further embellished by Prokofiev’s music.

This one-of-a-kind interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic allowed me to feel the most empathy I have ever felt for the characters of Romeo and Juliet. It was a complete rediscovery of a familiar tale, which transformed it from overdone, to timeless once again.

+ LA Dance Chronicle

Benjamin Millepied
Lighting Design (Stage)
François-Pierre Couture
Costume Design
Camille Assaf
Sergei Prokofiev: Valery Gergiev & London Symphony Orchestra


28-29/07/2022 – LYON – Les Nuits de Fourvière – tickets 


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