The 9th studio album of Rufus Wainwright is his first with BMG.
It can be understood as the bookend to the much lauded LA produced debut album “Rufus Wainwright” that garnered Wainwright Best New Artist by Rolling Stone Magazine in 1998. With this new Cd Wainwright fully delivers on his early promise. It can also be seen as the summary and climax of all the previous records. It is his “Graceland”, his “The Future” or his “Winterreise”, all albums or song cycles that have become classics and were written in the middle of the artists’ careers.
Wainwright says “For me this album is really coming full circle. I wanted to make a great record with great musicians in a great room in LA. When I did my first album in Los Angeles, it was about the same things but I didn’t really know what I was doing but I just went along with all these amazing people that I was blessed to work with 20 years ago. After 8 studio albums, live albums, tons of shows and trying out so many things, having a daughter, being married for over 13 years, I feel I really know what I am doing. I think this is an album that one should listen to. It will give you solace, it will entertain you, lift you up, give you something to think about. It definitely has something to say.”

This album has the best elements of each of his critically lauded previous albums. It is Wainwright’s mature breakthrough album that manifests his position as one of the greatest singer songwriters of all times. Music styles and preferences might change but at the core of each song written in any genre is the craft of songwriting itself and there is no doubt that Wainwright is one of the great songwriters of all times. Whether it is rock, pop, blues, rap, it is the song after all that matters, the material. A great song is still a great song when you strip it off all its production. Wainwright’s songs have this quality. With this new recording he leaves behind the angst, demon, drug and debauchery filled musical places of his past youth, the baroque splendor and giving rise to a mature voice reflecting on life as a husband, father and sensitive citizen of the world. Of course this new opus is not bare, it is still a Wainwrightian album where musical ideas are abound, but its richness and lushness is restrained and absolutely essential and not overboarding. It is his most accessible album to date.


New tour in 2020. Dates to be announced soon.


Sophie Hossenlopp


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