Nicole Garcia

« ROYAN » Nicole Garcia / Marie NDiaye Frédéric Bélier-Garcia


of Marie Ndiaye
with Nicole Garcia

stage direction Frédéric Bélier-Garcia

Following her Philosophy and Acting studies Nicole Garcia started her stage career.

In the wake of her first comedy prize at the Conservatoire, she performed in many plays. Her performance in Alain Resnais’s movie “My American Uncle” (1979) was her access to French Cinema.

In 1985, she started directing with “Every other weekend”.
In her movies, she portrays very intimate environment where vibrant characters interact, complex ones like Gerard Lanvin’s in “The favorite son” (1993) or Catherine Deneuve’s in “Place Vendôme” (1997).

With “The Adversary” performed by Daniel Auteuil and “According to Charlie” (2005) an ensemble movie around seven male characters, Nicole Garcia confirms her directing skills.

In 2009, she goes back to her Algerian childhood by directing Jean Dujardin in “A View of love”. In February 2014, was released her last movie “Going away” with Louise Bourgoin and Pierre Rochefort.


On tour during the 2020-21 season. Please contact us for more information.


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