Jeremy Irons


Jeremy, fascinated by theater, began to play when he was a teenager, in the Marlowe Theater of Canterbury.

Three years later, he trained at the Bristol Old Vic School for two years, then joined Bristol Old Vic repertory company where he gained much experience working in everything from Shakespeare to contemporary dramas.

He moved to London in 1971 and he went on to a successful early career in the West End theatre and on TV.

He debuted on-screen in Nijinsky (1980), a drama by Herbert ross, with Alan Bates.

In the early 80s, he gained international attention with his starring role in the Granada Television serial adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel Retour au château (1981). In 1984, he debuted on Broadway opposite: Glenn Close in Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing” and, in the mid-80s, he appeared in three lead roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Once described as ‘the thinking woman’s pin up’, he has made his name in thought provoking films such as David Cronenberg’s Faux-semblants (1988), for which he won the New York Critics Best Actor Award. He gained a Golden Globe Award in addition to an Oscar for Best Actor in 1990 for his role as Claus von Bulow in Le mystère Von Bulow (1990) alongside Glenn Close.

Then, he plays with so differents directors that Louis Malle (Fatale, 1982) ou Bille August (La Maison aux esprits, 1993), or David Cronenberg pour M. Butterfly (1993).

Jeremy Irons continues since twenthy years to alternate blockbusters (Kingdom of Heaven, by Ridley Scott) with art-house films (INLAND EMPIRE de David Lynch).

Since 2011, he plays the pope Rodrogo Garcia in the serie Borgias.


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