Jane Birkin

Gainsbourg symphonic – New album to be released on March 24th, 2017

“Gainsbourg Symphonic”

With Jane Birkin
Artistic direction Philippe Lerichomme
Arrangements Nobuyuki Nakajima

“One thing amongst other things that you don’t know, you had the very best of me.”

… Serge’s words and so true, which explains 30 years of me singing Gainsbourg on stage, I could never have done this without the help of Philippe Lerichomme, who knew Serge every bit as much as I did, his tastes his loves his frailties, what he would have liked what he would have disliked, and then, as my director for the stage, what to sing, for 25 years, trying each time, to make the concert fresh with the same material…

Then one has “luck”, as I flew towards Tokyo to be with the Japanese, after the tsunami Fukushima, I had suggested a mini concert, so I could give back what they, as an audience for… 40 years, had given me… I got to the hotel, the concert hall, the emotion was palpable, and there, on a little stage I sang with a pianist,  the most beautiful arrangements, so delicate and moving, and I was told his name… Nobu, a composer in his own right… When I got back to Paris I tried to rase money for the homeless, in Japan… and I was reminded by my manager Olivier Gluzman, that I had promised to do 3, 5 concerts in the USA… How? what… and I thought of Nobu and away we went, with Serges’ songs and his arrangements, for 2 years with the concert Via Japan!

I had said to someone, that Serge used classical music so often, how lovely it would be with a symphony orchestra, and suddenly, it was upon me: Francofolies of Montreal proposed me to launch their 2016 edition by two concerts with the symphonic orchestra of Montreal. What to do, Philippe Lerichomme would find great ideas, with whom, Nobu… I have just listened to his arrangements, some beauty of a strange kind, tangels of Mendelshon… of jazz, with great fun and charm…

I rubbed Serge and Philippe Lerichomme and Nobu together… and we have Gainsbourg Symphonic!

Jane Birkin

“Gainsbourg, poète majeur” – Jane Birkin, Michel Piccoli and Hervé Pierre

We remember Serge Gainsbourg saying: “I practise a minor art intended for minor people”Pure provocation! In reality, his masters were Huysmans, Picabia, Rimbaudwhom he mentioned wanting “to get closer to…”.

Jane Birkin, Michel Piccoli and Hervé Pierre attest to this in their inspired reading of the sixty texts chosen from the entire body of work of Gainsbourg,major poet.

Philippe Lerichomme / Artistic Director


12/04/2017 – PARIS (75) – Auditorium de Radio France
with the Orchestre National de France
19/04/2017 – VARSOVIE (PL) – Philharmonie de Varsovie
with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra 
11/05/2017 – MONACO (MC) – Opéra Garnier de Monte-Carlo
with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo
20 & 21/05/2017 – RECKLINGHAUSEN (L) – Ruhrfestspiele
with the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen
14/07/2017 – LISBONNE (PT) – Gulbenkian
19/08/2017 – TOKYO (JP) – Orchard Hall
26/09/2017 – LONDRES (UK) – Barbican


Olivier Gluzman


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