With Juliette Binoche 

Conception Juliette Binoche & Alexandre Tharaud

Texts and musics Barbara

Artistic collaboration Vincent Huguet & Chris Gandois

Light designing Éric Soyer

Musical arrangements Alexandre Tharaud

Production Les Visiteurs du soir

Coproduction L’Onde Théâtre Centre d’art de Vélizy-Villacoublay

With the pleasant participation of Yamaha Music Europe

Juliette Binoche thanks Balmain (Olivier Rousteing) and Christian Louboutin

Creation of the Juliette Binoche’s hairstyle John Nollet

Sincere thanks to Bernard Serf

Il était un piano noir… Mémoires interrompus of Barbara, © Editions Fayard


Juliette Binoche and Alexandre Tharaud have come together to remember Barbara…

She was one of the greats of French music and accompanied both, Binoche and Tharaud, throughout their lives. This created a singular and profound bond over time.
Today, they modestly question her absence by paying a discreet tribute.
Together, they chose the texts and music.

It is about shining a light on Barbara’s lyrics, the texts will be read by Juliette Binoche.
It is about shining a light on Barbara’s music and its extreme richness, the music will be played on the piano by Alexandre Tharaud, sometimes in a very minimalist way.


Sophie Hossenlopp


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