Isabella Rossellini

Link Link Circus – New performance on tour in 2018

After the great success of the widely acclaimed live on stage show ‘Green Porno’ (Bestiaire d’Amour) based on the popular Sundance Channel series, Isabella Rossellini presents a new one-woman show once again taking inspiration from the animal kingdom. A brand new solo lecture performance and a totally new experience for the audience around the world.

This time on stage with me there will also be Pan, my trained dog.
I cannot have on stage all the animals I will talk about in the play so Pan and I we’ll dress up and interpret several different species.
Link Link is in fact a little circus.
Pan and I will address the newest scientific discoveries about animal minds, intelligence and emotions. I will also transform myself into Aristotle, René Descartes, a medieval theologian, Harvard Professor F.S. Skinner and Charles Darwin, all discussing what is the essence of human beings and what distinguishes us from the “brutes”.

Isabella Rossellini


On tour on October / November, 2018.


Sophie Hossenlopp


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