Charlotte Rampling

“The Night Dances” with Sonia Wieder-Atherton / “Yourcenar – Cavafy” with Polydoros Vogiatzis

The Night Dances

Benjamin Britten ~ Sylvia Plath
with Charlotte Rampling (voice)
and Sonia Wieder-Atherton (cello)

In English, Charlotte Rampling lends the subtleties of her voice to the poems of the American writer Sylvia Plath.

Sonia Wieder-Atherton–highly skilled instrumentalist, creator of universes and of artistic stories–plays Benjamin Britten.
“A musical, aesthetic, poeticperformance of rare metallic beauty, to be watched over and over again, to live and relive… The dimensions spanned are immense: the void, the cold, oblivion,fears, colors, separation, humor, strength, hope, losses…
And the impossible becomes possible.”

Source: Toute la Culture

Yourcenar – Cavafy

Charlotte Rampling
Polydoros Vogiatzis
Conception Jean-Claude Feugnet

His poetry is  well known all over the world. And that was the motivation and the idea of this evening ; Kavafis poems spoken by greek, which is his native language, and by French, English, Spanish… The combination of the languages and the voices gives to the audience the real force and the universal effect of what, that great poet, wanted to express.

He wanted to say things that were not easy to say and he wanted to show emotions that were forbitten at those years. So that’s why the idea of 2 different voices and 2 different languages,
can make the stories-subjects and the emotions of all his poems more obvious and more understandable and clear.
In our performance his poetry is the leading element. The force of his poems moves and inspires us.

Yourcenar texts come to add an extra element, not different, to the performance. They give more strenght and they show the great influence between these two authors. The subjects of their work are familiar.

Throught Yourcenar we see the perspective of a woman’s soul about growing older, about love and desire, about the effect of the history and politics in everyone’s life.

Also, through her texts we can see the thoughts about loosing the people we love, the death and the lonelyness in our lifes.

She is the female thinking and feeling, that comes to be added next to the male’s ‘Cavafy) way of expressing emotions and thoughts about living and beeing human.


Sophie Hossenlopp


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